Registration of LLC

Registration LLC in Kiev and Ukraine "on a turn-key basis"

Thanks to the experience and long-term experience of employees of the law firm "Kiev", the procedure for the registration of LLC in Ukraine is carried out in the shortest possible time. With our help, you can cheaply bypass all bureaucratic barriers, while saving money and your valuable time!

Legal registration of a company (LLC)

A limited liability company is one of the organizational and legal forms of a legal entity with a possible division of the authorized capital in proportional proportions among the participants of the company. Registration of a legal entity LLC with one participant also allows this participant (the owner) to perform the duties of the head and chief accountant.

Legislation of Ukraine clearly spelled out the requirements for drawing up the constituent documents and the registration of the statutory fund. If you need to register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Kiev, please contact our legal experts who will be pleased to hold a preliminary consultation and provide a list of questions the answers to which are necessary to start the registration process of the LLC.

The following package of documents is required to create the LLC in 2017:

  • Photocopy of passports and identification numbers of all founders and directors of the company;
  • Information about:  
  1. Name of LLC;
  2. The legal address to which the enterprise will be registered;
  3. The amount of the statutory fund and the procedure for its formation, as well as the shares of the founders in the statutory fund;
  4. Main types of activity of a legal entity (KVED);
  5. phone numbers. 

The registration of LLC / PE "turnkey" can be divided into three stages:

  • Preparation of constituent documents (protocol, charter, etc.) on the basis of the primary information that you provide to us;
  • Signing of documents prepared by us;
  • Registration of LLC / PE and collection of all necessary extracts and certificates from relevant registers, as well as manufacturing of the company's seal.      

After completing the registration you will receive a stamp and a full package of documents LLC with which you can open an account with the Bank and engage in business activities.

Applying to the law firm "Kiev", you will find out how much it costs to register an LLC or state of emergency in Kiev, and you will be pleasantly surprised by an acceptable price policy. We will save you inexpensively from all the necessary troubles, we will help in creating a new enterprise taking into account the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine!

The price of the registration of the LLC as well as the state of emergency in Kiev:

- for residents - 1500 UAH.,

- for non-residents (individuals / legal entities) - 2400 UAH.,

Registration of the LLC and the state of emergency is carried out according to the standard "on a turn-key basis", the registration period is 3-4 days.

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