Law firm "Kiev"

Modern Kiev is not just the capital of Ukraine, it is a city with a huge number of companies of all forms of ownership - industrial enterprises, non-profit organizations, trading companies. Keep in touch with each other, cooperate, interact with authorities is difficult. That's why we can not do without qualified legal assistance in Kiev.

Law firm "Kiev" renders services for individuals and legal entities, and also provides accounting support for SAP, including for SPD on a single tax and legal entities. In addition, we manufacture stamps, facsimile, round seals, we provide assistance in renting a legal address and a number of other services. Employees of the company have in-depth knowledge of Ukrainian legislation, track their changes, and have extensive experience of interaction with state bodies and instances. Law firm Kiev guarantees affordable prices for services, and the quality of our work is determined by the customer - we fulfill our obligations and provide the desired result.

Legal company services

Law firm "Kiev" provides legal advice and professional assistance in such areas:

  • Permit to work in Ukraine for foreigners  
  • Residence permit in Ukraine (both temporary and permanent)   
  • Registration, re-registration and liquidation of companies   
  • Receipt of an identification tax number  
  • Preparation of a certificate of criminal records  
  • Change of the taxation system and group EN
  • Assistance in the change of the founder, director, company name, KVEDov   
  • As well as accounting support and other legal services that may be needed by individuals and legal entities - at the best prices in Kiev.

In addition, the services of the auxiliary plan are present in the price list of the law firm, but not secondary in importance - notarization and translation of documents, manufacturing of seals, stamps and facsimile, lease of a legal address for LLC, registration / support of transactions, etc.

Why the services of the law firm "Kiev"

Law firms can overstate the price of services, we are looking for opportunities to reduce them in the interests of our customers. This is not easy, but for lawyers with experience in leading companies and state institutions, nothing is possible. We work in Kiev, we have partner relations with lawyers and lawyers in the regions, we regularly upgrade our qualifications and monitor any changes in the legislation. Due to this combination of resources, the law firm "Kiev" effectively stands guard over the interests of clients - residents and non-residents of Ukraine.

What is our difference from other law firms in Kiev and the secret of excellent reputation? In their work, specialists rely on:

  • Many years of experience in selected niches
  • Individual approach to solving the problems of a particular client
  • Scrupulous study of the problem followed by the development of a strategy for its elimination
  • Development of non-standard approaches to legal work   
  • A cohesive team of lawyers who specialize in various areas of law

Benefits of cooperation with the law firm "Kyiv"

To our surprise, many law firms overestimate prices for services. With the hope of high profits, the effect as a result of this approach, they receive the opposite-the flow of customers runs out until the company recognizes its error. The law firm "Kiev" does not give empty promises and does not delay fulfilling its obligations. We are aware that affordable legal services are an axiom, and the professionalism of a lawyer is the best guarantee of achieving the desired result.

The help of a qualified specialist helps to avoid unjustified risks that necessarily arise when solving issues independently, and allows you to reduce costs or even avoid financial costs.

Working with the best in your business, you increase the economic efficiency of the firm. Cooperating with the "old" law firm, you can safely send a guardian angel on vacation - we will always come to the rescue and will not disappear after six months in the stone jungles of the capital.

In the list of services of the company there are the most popular customer requests. Nevertheless, every case in the practice of a law firm is unique and requires a personal approach. Lawyers from all sides are exploring the situation, after which they begin to perform the assigned task and issue an "on-the-mountain" result in the shortest possible time. Our company provides legal services professionally, quickly and inexpensively - these are the three whales on which we build cooperation with the customer and thanks to which each client remains with us for a year.

We are always ready to help with registration of necessary documents and certificates, registration of the enterprise, manufacturing of seals and facsimile, and also with accounting support. In fact, we provide the full range of services necessary for small businesses in Ukraine and the most popular services for individuals. Address - the legal company "Kiev" is on guard of the interests of customers!

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